November 12 2007: Servais on Klara
Klara ( will broadcast two Servais concerts: on November 26, ca. 3.30 PM the Servais concert of September 21, 2007 in Halle and on November 27, ca. 3.30 PM the concert of November 9, 2007 in Antwerp (with First Celloconcerto of Servais).

November 8 & 9, 2007: deFilharmonie plays Servais
deFilharmonie played the Concerto en Si mineur by Servais in Brussels (BOZAR) and Antwerp (Elisabethzaal). Conductor was be Paul Watkins from Great-Britain, the soloist Seeli Toivio from Finland.

November 8, 2007: Symposium ‘Adrien François Servais and his Time’
In the Koninklijke Academie in Brussels a symposium found place on Servais. Contributors from several disciplines examined life and work of the ‘Paganini of the violoncello’.

September 21, 2007: Concert Flanders Festival
On the fourth concert Luc Tooten (cello) and Stéphane De May (piano) performed romantic violoncello music of Servais and also of Robert Schumann, Frédéric Chopin and Franz Liszt. The concert was recorded by Klara and it will be broadcasted on 26 November (around 3.30 PM).

June 12, 2007 – Publications
We are proud to present you our three publications: a book, a CD and an illustrated exhibition catalogue. You will find more information about these publications on a new page of this web site: click here.

May 4, 2007 – exhibition and historical study
From May 5 till June 6 a great exhibition in the Old Post Office in Halle shows the results of recent scientific research in archives all over the world, which revealed a whole range of letters, programs, photos and sheet music.
Also two publications are presented to the public: a book about Servais’ career as a travelling virtuoso and an illustrated catalogue of the exhibition. Both publications contain an English summary.
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April 15, 2007: National Cello Competition
The National Cello Competition 'Adrien François Servais' in Ghent was a great success.
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January 9, 2007: Cigar Rings
Hobbyclub Halle presented a set of Cigar Rings representing Servais. They will be sold during an international exchange on January 28 ( Atlanta Hall in Halle).
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December 15, 2006: Presentation of the Servais Liqueur
During the Christmas Market in Halle, the Servais Liqueur was presented to the public.

November 10, 2006: Servais beer and pralines
On november 10 the Servais beer an the Servais pralines were presented.
Take a look at some pictures: click here

November 8, 2006: Presentation of the Festival
On November 8, the Festival Servais 2007 was presented officially to the public and the press in the Historical City Hall. In his introducing speech, mayor Dirk Pieters emphasised the importance of the festival for the (inter)national influence of Halle as a culture city with a rich history.
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November 3, 2006: National Cello Competition
In April 2007 there will be a National Cello Competition 'Adrien François Servais', organised by Rotary Club Ghent with the collaboration of the Servais Society.
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October 15, 2006: Update
The English pages of the web site have been completely updated.

October 12, 2006:Support
The Province Flemish Brabant (Vlaams Brabant) and, some days earlier, the City of Halle have officially granted their support to the Festival Servais 2007.

October 6, 2006:Klara
Klara, the Flemish classical radio station, also supports our Festival: some concerts will be recorded.

September 23, 2006:Update
The web site has been partially updated. The complete update will follow soon.

September 20, 2006:Support
The Flemish Government has recently offered its financial support to the Festival Servais 2007.

June 10, 2006: Concert by deFilharmonie
On november 9, 2007 deFilharmonie (the Royal Flemish Filharmonic) will bring a Servais concerto in Antwerp. More info: click here.

April 28, 2006: Concert June 6, 2007
The artists for the concert on June 6, 2007 in de Basilica of Halle will be Alexander Hülshoff (cello) and Friedemann Eichhorn (violin) from Germany and Seeli Toivio (cello) and Kalle Toivio (piano) form Finland.

December 1, 2005: Royal Patronage for the Servais Memorial
His Majesty the King Albert II of Belgium has granted his High Patronage to the whole of activities that will be organized on the occasion of the bicentennial of Adrien François Servais’ birthday.
In this way the Court continues a tradition that began in 1835. In that year King Leopold I appointed Servais as solo cellist of His Majesty the King of Belgium.
The city of Halle and the Servais Society are obviously very pleased with this good news.

November 26, 2005: The Servais web site on line
On our web site you will find text and visual material about Servais' life and work, his family, a detailed discography with numerous sound fragments and much more.