Adrien François Servais and his Time
Paleis der Academiën, Hertogstraat 22, 1000 Brussels



date: November 8, 2007 from 9.30 AM to 6 PM
organization: the Study centre for Flemish music, Royal Conservatory Antwerp, Servais Society and the Royal Academy for Arts & Sciences in Brussels
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Statue Servais Halle

Servais walk

A walk along places refering to Servais and the contempory Halle

The non profit organisation Tourism Halle issues a brochure describing the route and offering background information.


March 27, 2007: inauguration during the Night of the History
Organization: Davidsfonds Halle and Neos Halle

July 7, 2007: Servais walking day during the celebration of July 11.
Guided walk. Theatre group ‘Volharding’ provides animation along the route. Gezinsbond Groot-Halle provides activities for children.

Individuals can follow the walk as from April 2007 by means of the brochure.
Guided walks are possible. Applications: Tourism Halle (Grote Markt 1, bus 1, 1500 Halle, (+32) (0)2 356 42 59).


Retrospective Exhibition
Adrien François Servais 1807-2007

From Saturday 5 May up to wednesday 6 June 2007
Old Post Office and Zuidwestbrabants Museum
K. Cardijnstraat - Halle

This exhibition shows to the general public knowledge the results of the research by Peter François on Servais, which revealed a lot of new historical data.
The exhibited material comes mainly from the collection of the Zuidwestbrabants Museum in Halle, with loans from the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, the Royal Library of Belgium, town archives of Halle, the archives of the Royal Harmony Saint Cecilia Halle and from many other archives from all over the world.
A captivating event for all citizens of Halle, music lovers, cellists and musicologists.

The catalogue forms the guiding line through the exhibition and will remain a useful instrument afterwards. A book about Servais’ life and work offers the necessary context and substance for further comprehensive study. Both publications will be available from May 5, 2007.

Organisation: Servais Society, in collaboration with the Zuidwestbrabants Museum Halle, the Koninklijke Geschied- en Oudheidkundige Kring Halle and the City of Halle
Curator: Peter François

From July 7 till September 2, 2007 (thursday, saturday and sunday (10-12 AM and 2-4 PM):
Servais exhibition on the first floor of the historical City Hall (Grote Markt).
Organization: vzw Toerisme Halle and the Servais Society