Cultuurraad Halle

Cultural Month

October 2007

The Cultural Month is an annual happening in Halle. On the invitation of the Halse Cultuurraad, local associations and CC ’t Vondel organize activities in this context.

In 2007, Servais is the central topic of the Cultural Month. Several local music associations will participate:
- Brassband Buizingen
- Ensemble Kreato
- Koninklijke Harmonie Sinte-Cecilia
- Koninklijke Koorkring Sint-Gregorius
- T’Andernaken
- Vox Veroni

But other associations also participate: Buizingse Spits, Kunstgroep Aureool, Fotoclub Iris and Postzegelvrienden Buizingen organize an exhibition which refers to Servais.

Moreover the Stedelijke Servaisacademie Halle will also participate to the culture month.

More information will follow.

To savor

Servais Beer

In November 2006 the Servais Beer was presented.
A product of the Streekproducentencentrum Halle in collaboration with the Lambiekstoempers vzw, CVO Elishout COOVI-Afdeling Brouwerij and the Servais Society.

Servais praline

Confectioner Jan Springael created an exquisite (and delicious) Servais Praline.
Available at Ice Eureka, Beestenmarkt 16, Halle.

Take a look at the pictures: click here

Past activities


September 28-30, 2007 - Exhibition Luc Lerinckx

Draag mij - omarm mij
Dekenstraat 2, Halle
Organization: Luc Lerinckx

Summer Exhibition Kunstgroep Aureool

August 11 and 12, 2007

With the works of the drawing contest for the youth on Servais and the romantic period.
City Park - Halle

Appetizer Concerts

May and June 2007

During the appetizer concerts on the Grote Markt some music associations of Halle will bring works that relate to Servais.
Location: Grote Markt Halle

You can find more info on these concerts on

Cigar Rings

28 January 2007 - Issue Cigar Rings

Hobbyclub Halle issues a range of Servais cigar rings. They are sold during an international exchange on January 28, 2007.
Location: Zaal Atlanta, Bergensesteenweg 445, Halle
Organization: Hobbyclub Halle in collaboration with the Servais Society
More information: Omer Temmerman, President: (+32) (0)2 361 70 42

Volharding vzwTheatre

De fontein van Servais by theatre group Volharding
Performances of a stage play about Servais.

Based on “The Revisor” by Nicolay Gogol, stage management: Paul Van Bossuyt
Dates: December 1, 2, 8 and 9, 2006
Location: CC t Vondel Halle, 8 PM
Organization: Theatre group Volharding
More information: André Herremans, president (+32) (0)2 378 25 82

Take a look at the pictures of the Open Rehearsal on October 17, 2006: click here